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          加入石家莊圣比斯學校Join St Bees Shijiazhuang

          圣比斯公學已在中國兩個校區開放了一些職位,如果您對此感興趣并希望加入我們,請您點擊下方的菜單了解詳情,編輯郵件并發送簡歷至rella@fullcircle.group。 我們將盡快與您取得聯系,敬請留意相關信息。

          St Bees has opened a number of positions on both campuses in China, and if you are interested in this and would like to join us, please click on the menu below to learn more, send your resume to rella@fullcircle.group. And we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
          Please follow St Bees Shijiazhuang our public account to get more information
          領導團隊招聘職位 Leadership team positions
          教師招聘職位 Teachers positions
          行政團隊招聘職位 Administrative team positions
          薪金福利 Salary and benefits


          The salary range will be commensurate with experience and qualifications. This may include a KPI component.

          Gross Salary: 25-28k/ month for A level subject teachers. 20-25k/ month for ESL teachers.

          Other benefits:

          Work permit and work visa

          Commercial medical insurance

          Paid Chinese holidays

          Paid summer and winter vacation

          Housing allowance / free housing on campus

          Return plane ticket upon completion of contract